Sezela  Sugar Mill


From Malangeni to Sezela, boy o boy are we happy we have found a spot in Sezela. We bought a training school in Sezela on Ridge road. Close to the sugar mill and closer to our main compost material. We are going to teach about 750 Meter from a giant pile of compost! We are allowed to use the compost to empower rural farmers and use it for our own training farm. When you stay in Malangeni and you got land, there are great opportunities to get your own farm going. We will help you! We have started trail projects in Malangeni and we hope to give a update soon. Please follow our blog on the future developments  

Scary statistics 

Did you know that most Garlic and beans comes from China ? The statistics above are from garlic. Why is South Africa not among them? Do we not have the growing climate? Of course we do! We have got a golden opportunity for our South African people. Time to grow garlic and beans and sell them, surely there must be a way for ourselves to produce a local crop. Let's work together to make this happen! Let's grow unemployed people into mighty man and good farmers.  

The Charibiz project contains of three parts. We have students that we train theoretically and practically. Our students work on our compost plant for our community project .Firstly we build our own compost, once we control our compost and soil we can support our "old" farmers,our own farming project and our future farmers. We search for a community of farmers, these farmers will be supported by our students. This way the students help their own community and people and gain experience in farming. When the student is finished with his course and ready, we try to look for land and help them. Our future students can help our past students again so they can increase their yields and this benefits both groups. The crop that is ready for harvest they can sell it to us as organisation or for themselves as individuals. The Lord Jesus is central in our teaching programme, we want to create christian leaders in the communities through agriculture. 

Charibiz Project 

Land in Sezela 


See the training ground for our students, we are are going grow some amazing crops here. We want to teach our students that you can make good money with farming. We are going to plow the land grow lots of beans, ginger and garlic. We can use this ground for a period of 8 Months after that we will have to move to a different plot. We thank the farmers in Sezela for there cooperation and Vince for his incredible help! 

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